Three great apps for road trips

Jan 22, 2018 Categories: Uncategorized

Yes, it’s still summer holidays here in Australia!

Australia is a really big place – as big as the USA! – so when we travel around it takes a long time, often with not much to look at on the way. We pretty much all live around the edges of the country, taking advantage of those amazing beaches, so we are all used to long road trips.



These three apps, below, might help you avoid meltdown/boredom on your next road trip!

1. Want them playing something useful? Try Typemaster.
This game for smartphones will have them engaged and focused while also learning to type!

2. Sago Mini Road Trip is a fun game that will help younger children engage in the road trip idea!
Pick a vehicle and a destination and off you go. Get petrol and wash the car – and eventually get to your destination!



3. Your kids can make a comic out of any interesting sites or places you might pass along the way, using Seedling Comic Studio.
Take photos, add them to your comic, create a journal or a story or a record of the trip! (3 free themes, more if you pay)

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