What are infographics?

Oct 06, 2014 Categories: Changing_Times, Education Today

How are you today? I’m just about catching my breath from the school holidays. My work doesn’t stop for holidays – its the two weeks that I madly work on my Doctorate, and this time did some lecturing and workshops at Melbourne Uni too. I love it but, boy, I’d love an actual school holiday! Anyway…enough moaning!

I want to show you these cool things called Infographics today.

I love them cos they let our kids look at complicated data and ideas through pictures. If you want to help your kids go deep with some info or make sense of something for their school project – try infographics.

There are Infographics on nearly every subject you can imagine. To find one  go to Google Images and search for “(your topic) AND infographic”.

So, like this, with the same punctuation –

 “infographics AND insects”


       “infographics AND fruit”

Here’s an infographic about one of my fave topics – coffee :0)

what are infographics?So that’s what we are talking about :0) Easy to read, right?

This coffee info could be shown in an eXcel spreadsheet – but would you really read that as closely? I wouldn’t :0) Give me easy, quick representations – so I can take the data and just move on!

Infographics are where graphing goes wild! The amount of information, comprehension and general head-tilting (you’ll see what I mean!) required to interpret these complex images is impressive! Check out the image below:

what is an infographic?


This ones a bit silly – but you get the idea.

So Infographics make complex information simple.

  • They use graphics and word art to get their message across.
  • They often use size to imply quantity and the theme of the graphic generally matches the topic of the data

(so. if the data is about pollution, then the data might be represented using smoking chimney stacks).

You could argue that this particular Infographic (above) could easily be recreated using a simple timeline. However, an Infographic aims to give the reader instant context for the data, in this case using all green objects and a grape-vine to represent the timeline.


Below is a section of another Infographic. This one attempts to convince us that we should farm insects for meat instead of animals! Yuck. Not me, thanks.

what are infographics

Check out the entire image here: http://dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/eating-insects.jpeg


When you roll your mouse over the image on the website you can magnify or zoom in to aspects of the graph – making it even easier to analyse the data presented. This kind of zooming is often a feature of Infographics and it’s always worth rolling overwith the mouse or clicking the image to see if it offers this useful function.

So off you go and find an Infographic that your child can use today. Or make your own!

Try  – www.piktochart.com

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