What have you been up to?

Mar 07, 2017 Categories: about me

Wow. Life is jam-packed at the moment. I’m working on my Doctoral thesis, working full-time, creating a new subject to teach next semester, training for a half marathon and rehearsing for a play with my local community theatre group.

Too much to do and too little awake-time! I’m still loving my work and it is a challenge each day, but it’s also different every day too – which is great!

I’ve had lots of feedback from teachers in schools lately that they love the coding work I’m doing. I will write more about it soon, but just know that I’ve been playing around with an ipad and a drone (hubby’s already been on the roof to rescue it!). I love the amazing way you can program the drone to do tricks – and then push go and get immediate feedback on your coding!

while I get back to writing my thesis (!?), here’s my playing with the drone – its a Parrot Rolling Spider (about $75!)

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