What’s a Selfie? And why do I need to know?

Oct 06, 2015 Categories: Changing_Times
So I posted a while ago about Positive Selfies – and got a few questions about what they are. Fair enough. Sorry for assuming it’s a universal word!
Did you know that Selfie is officially in the Oxford Dictionary now? Imagine 15 years ago – we would have had no clue what this is and now it’s part of our ‘official’ language. Mad.
What's a Selfie? Parents learn tech

Source: Oxford Dictionary

Don’t you love that definition sentence?  You can post everyday but you don’t need to people. Oxford Dictionary may accept that Selfie part of our language – but don’t overdo it people. Please. Love it!

So it’s a photo you take of yourself. Maybe by holding the camera yourself or using a selfie stick.  Yep. That’s a purpose-made stick that you attach your phone to and use the button in the stick handle to take the photo. I think this *may* be the most narcissistic invention of the past decade. It’s basically designed so that you can take your own photo with a fancy sweeping background or with lots of people.

Why do we care? Well, our kids take lots of selfies. As the Oxford Dictionary politely suggest – we are taking A LOT of photos of ourselves these days in all sorts of emotional, dressed or undressed states. We need to know what they are talking about and what they are doing online.

  • Selfie of your and your hockey team after winning the finals? Probably ok.
  • Selfie of you with your best cats-bum face pose and low cut top? Definitely not.
Let’s help kids stay kids a bit longer and keep reminding them about why selfies aren’t always a great idea!
So – my challenge! Can you use the word ‘Selfie’ with your kids today? Without sounding like a d**khead?  Give it a go :0) Let them know you speak the lingo (?!?)

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