What’s this Cloud all about? Google Drive for Learning

Sep 08, 2014 Categories: Online tools

Lots of kids and schools are looking at Cloud Based storage these days. But what does it mean? And why should we know what it’s all about?     Mainly because there are privacy issues inside these fantastic tools that you need to understand.


My dad reckons that everything on the Internet is stored in a big hole in the middle of the ocean. I’m not sure about that but he kind of has a point – whenever we store a document, image or video it has to be saved somewhere. Most of us store things to our computers.

This means that if someone steals our computer or iPad all our documents are gone. Big problem. So that’s where the cloud comes into action. Google Drive is one of the big providers of a cloud service and the one we will look at today.

So when you save things to Google Drive, you are storing your work on Google’s computers that are connected to the Internet – they call them servers.

Remember that the Internet is really just a massive network of computers connected together by cables.

The Cloud allows us to save our work on other peoples computers and they backup your data without you doing a thing – once it’s set up. AND every time you make a change to your document or photo or video, it’s saved. Finally, it also saves all the drafts you make so if you delete a paragraph, for example, and then want it back you can go get it – no problem.

These features are fantastic for our kids who leave even their hats and coats lying around and are perhaps less likely to remember to back up and secure their documents online!

3 Things To Remember

1. Once it’s on the Internet it’s no longer just yours. Check the user agreements. Who owns the documents once it’s on their servers?

2. The Cloud is no place for any secure information or private details – i.e. your credit card numbers!! Nothing is failsafe and safe is better than sorry

3. If you don’t have Internet, you aren’t backing up. So if you work offline then you need to connect to the Internet to get the cloud storage benefits.

Have fun – and make good choices :0)

Let me know how you go – do you use any Cloud storage at the moment?

Which one do you like best? (I use a few!!)

In the meantime…how does it work? Glad you asked…

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