Where do your kids do their homework?

May 01, 2015 Categories: Tech-Know @ Home

Happy Friday! I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me this weekend. Mostly typing and working at the computer, fun but lots of it! Where do you work at home? I recently made some changes to my home workspace, adding a new chair, new organising tubs and generally dealing with that pile of papers that just seems to magically build up!

Where do you and your kids work at home? With technology it’s a good idea to keep the devices in a public space. So maybe in the kitchen, family room or lounge room? The idea is that if they are in spaces where we are (even if we cant see everything they are doing) our kids are less likely to do something silly….I don’t think this is foolproof but it does seem to make our kids talk to us more about what they are doing online and even ask questions if they need to.

A workspace at home for our kids also helps delineate between playing and working, and hopefully helps them focus more on their homework! It doesn’t have to be a fancy set up either. A cheap desk or table and a chair is really all they need.

Posture is increasingly important for our kids too – slumped on their bed or the couch doing homework can’t be good for their backs and necks in the long run. They need a table-like surface and an upright chair – and if you are feeling creative, maybe some storage and stationary/supplies to keep them going…  (confession: any excuse to buy stationary and I’m in)

I’ve made up a Pinterest board with some inspiration for you  – but here are my top 5 kids’ workspaces that might work at your house.

(all these images and their sources are on my Pinterest Board)


Really simple and doesn’t take up much space. From Ikea



Really like this one – get those kids working together! A shared space can be really great for younger kids – and that storage is important too (for your own sanity)



This one is just pretty – a chair with a proper back is good for out kids’ posture and the drawers keep mess out of site.




So sweet and simple, a proper chair and a good light for working – and those containers are adorable!




Love the natural light and that the table is the right height for little ones…


So have a think about where your kids are doing their homework. Is there a small space at home you can steal to set up a homework nook? Doesn’t need to be fancy but for posture, cyber-safety and just generally more being social (!) it’s a great idea!



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