Why aren’t more women working in STEM industries?

Sep 04, 2017 Categories: Changing_Times

This week I had the opportunity to chat to Kulja and Dylan at RRR radio here in Melbourne. We covered a few topics – all to do with women in the workplace. They were great fun and really knowledgeable – it’s good to be intereviewed by folks who know what they are talking about!

This was my first radio interview – so a bit nerve-wracking but they made it easy and low-key. No sticky questions or bizarre comments! Just a great chat about an (increasingly) important topic. Besides chatting on live radio, it was interesting to see how things work and to enjoy that amount of (well-used and working!) technology in one place 😁

Thanks RRR for having me!

If you are interested, my interview is now live on their website here: http://ondemand.rrr.org.au/grid/20170828091833

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