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Jul 13, 2015 Categories: literacy, Online tools
Happy Monday!  A very rainy and (relatively) cold day here in Melbourne. We were promised crazy weather and even an Antarctic Vortex…but no, we just got this –>
melb weather
Not that impressive but might get more exciting soon! I’ll keep you informed ;0)

Have you seen StoryBird? This is a fab website for creating your own online storybooks. Kids love it as they can make and share professional looking e books using beautiful illustrations.

My favorite part of StoryBird are the drawings, cartoons and illustrations that are part of the website – and free to use. Wonderful artists spend time drawing a ‘collection’ of images that you can use to tell your story.
Here’s an example…

See? Stunning, right?

some of the gorgeous art you can create with on Storybird.com

A couple of ideas to get your kids writing with Storybird
  • Have them plan their story first – then go into Storybird and choose the artwork collection that suits their story, write their story, taking care to place one idea per page and to match the image to their story!
  • Or (my favourite way to use Storybird with younger kids) – Have them choose their artwork collection first, and then create a story to match to the images. This way they have to really think clearly about the characters and settings!
Don’t forget to also read the Public ebooks on the site. I love sharing with kids how the same pictures can be used to tell an entirely different story!
Older kids love this too – I like to choose the artwork collection for them and ask them to discuss the emotions that different images convey. Great for working on deeper comprehension and trying to read between the lines of stories :0)
Hope you enjoy – maybe you just need to have a play yourself! If you make a masterpiece – be sure to share it here :0) We will make sure you feel like a winner!
***PS not sponsored in anyway – just love it!

What story could this image tell?

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